Student Assistance and Connection

We recognise that studying externally or in limited mode can sometimes feel isolating so we have provided a list of ways that you can connect with your peers and services and tools that can assist you to excel in your studies.

YouTube Videos

Some videos which may be useful:

Connecting with Other Students

Other students can be useful study vehicles particulars through discussion of topics, content and for getting other general study tips. It is important, however if you are seeking clarification regarding a topic or an assessment piece that this be undertaken through discussion with your subject coordinator.

Facebook group

There is a closed Facebook group for occupational therapy flexible students named ‘JCU OT Flexi’ which you can request to join. This page can be used to connect with other students or seek advice or tips from students who have previously completed subjects via flexible delivery.

  • Anything posted to the group page will be visible to all group members and as such any staff member that has joined the group or previous OT Flexi students will be able to view any comments.
  • The group is administered by the OT Flexible Delivery Coordinator (an academic staff member). Students may also choose to also create their own Facebook group that is separate to this one run by the OT Flexible Delivery Coordinator.
  • There are also the JCUSA Remote and External Students Facebook page and the JCU College of Healthcare Sciences Facebook page which may be useful.

Mentoring Program

You can express an interest in joining the mentor program which connects you with a mentor who is a current Occupational Therapy student willing to share knowledge and experience which can benefit you and your transition into university. An information sheet regarding in this is included in the flexible information package sent to new student upon enrolling. Alternatively, contact the OT Flexible Delivery Coordinator.

Residential blocks

Residential blocks offer an excellent opportunity to connect with other students whilst gaining hands-on experience. These blocks typically occur at the end of the study period and whilst the prospective of attending the university campus for the first time can be daunting it should also be viewed as an excellent opportunity to engage and explore. More information regarding the timing of the residential blocks are included in the flexible information package.

Connecting with Student Living Nearby

You can contact the Flexible Delivery Coordinator who may be able, with the consent of the other student, to put you in contact with other students who are doing the course who live in the same town. This may enable you to set up a study group which some students find beneficial.

JCU Student Association Remote and External Specific Services

The JCU Student Association also has a number of resources specifically for Remote and External Students including a Remote and External Officer, A Facebook page and a newsletter called ‘The Rex’. For more information about these offering refer to the .

Key Contacts for Different Circumstances

Note: Just because you are not physically present on campus doesn’t mean you can’t access the many services that are available.

Issue Who to Contact or Where to Source Information

If you are having issues with accessing resources for your assignments

Refer to the Occupational Therapy Subject Library guide for links, hints and key resources.

If you wish to access the off campus library service or remotely access journal articles

Review the Off Campus and Remote Access section of the library website.

If you are having issues in writing assignments or working out how to approach the task

Refer to the Research and Study Skills section of the Library which includes tips, a road trip on how to approach assessment pieces and how to find journal articles.

If you need help with referencing

Refer to the Referencing Libguide for information about formatting, different styles, how to avoid plagiarism.

Contact the InfoHelp desk.

Contact your Liaison Librarian (Rehabilitation Sciences).

There is also an Endnote Libguide if you are using this software.

If you want feedback on your writing skills and support to improve these skills or assistance with entry in tertiary study

There are multiple options for improving your learning skills online. Learning advisers can assist in identifying resources for more specific learning skills.

If you are having difficulty logging into LearnJCU

Contact InfoHelp.

If you are having other technical issues

Contact InfoHelp.

If you experience issues within your life which are having an adverse impact on your study

The counselling services at JCU offer links to online resources which may assist with stress management, exam survival skills.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, and it isn’t an emergency, email using your JCU email.

Emergency Contact Details:

Lifeline: Phone 131 114

Sane Australia Phone: 1800 187 263.

If you are thinking about what you can do to ensure you are a desirable candidate when you enter the workforce

Visit the Careers and Employment webpage for information on developing a career action plan, undertake some modules in the JCU Career Development Program or contact the helpful staff.

If you have a temporary or permanent injury, illness or health condition

JCU has AccessAbility Services which offers facilities and services to enable you to get the most out of your student experience.

If you have subject specific queries including questions about assessment, availability of subject resources

In the first instance refer to the relevant subject outline to see if questions regarding the matter can be clarified in the outline. Contact the subject coordinator according to their indicated method of communication (see subject outline) via LearnJCU.

If you have questions about the practice education placement

Contact JCU Occupational Therapy. Telephone (07) 4781 6600; Email

If you want to improve your writing or maths skills

Visit the Learning Centre website.

If you have a general university question and you can’t locate an answer

You can use the Ask Us service to review FAQs or to ask your own questions.

If you want to print, copy or scan items when on campus

You can use the CopyPrint service for more information about how to access and costs.

If you have a question about studying via flexible delivery, whether as a prospective or current student

Contact the Flexible Delivery Coordinator, Jackie Eagers. Telephone (07) 4781 6610; Email