Tips for Success

Setting a routine with dedicated hours assigned for study each week will reduce the chance that you will plan other activities during this time. Communicating with the important people in your life about your study commitments and your schedule will reduce the potential that you will be tempted by distraction during these times.

  • Ensure you read your subject outlines at the beginning of each study period for information of subject aims, assessment, content and subject coordinators contact details.

  • At the beginning of the study period, make a timetable of your assessment so you know when your busiest assessment times will be.

  • At the beginning of the study period, ensure you organise and plan for your on campus residential blocks in Townsville.

  • Become familiar with all elements of your LearnJCU sites – this is where all your subject content is held.

  • Being proactive with your study right from the start of study period is vital: allow time to undertake required readings, take notes, review lecture slides, listen to lecture recordings and review any tutorial and practical components.

  • Make contact with the Flexible Learning Coordinator at the beginning of the year.

  • Check your JCU emails regularly – this is the only way that staff can contact you.

  • Use the discussion boards provided on LearnJCU to communicate with other students in the course.

  • Prioritize study and remaining motivated can be challenging at times - see Active Learning - Study Smarter Not Harder which may assist.