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Electronic APP

JCU is introducing the use of the electronic APP form. It is hoped that you feel comfortable using it as the sole form of submission of the APP at the middle and end of the unit.

History: At the Clinical Education Managers of Australia and New Zealand (CEMANZ) meeting in 2010 which is comprised of a Clinical Education representative from each University from Australia and New Zealand, and which accompanies the Council of Physiotherapy Deans of Australian and New Zealand (CPDANZ) meeting, we discussed the introduction of an electronic APP. As a result of this Erik Dombroski from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) developed and presented a draft electronic APP at the CEMANZ meeting in 2011; this electronic APP is now used in NZ. A national electronic Web-based system is currently being investigated by Megan Dalton, Megan Davidson and Jenny Keating, however until their project is completed, JCU is providing you with the use of the electronic (non web-based) form developed by Erik and his team.


  • Rolling over the APP items will reveal the Examples of Performance Indicators

  • When you finish grading an item the red box will disappear so that if you miss scoring an item it will be obvious, so please check that the red box has disappeared from around an item!

  • You can use an electronic signature. Signing the form means that you have discussed the results with the student, so the student’s signature is not required

  • The risk to data in terms of security should be no greater than the risk involved in other modes of submission (post, emailing a scanned form, fax) so we don’t hesitate to use this system on the basis of confidentiality risk

  • The mid unit APP does not utilise the Global Rating Scale, but it is not really important at this point

  • The end unit APP does include the Global Rating Scale, so please ‘mark’ this at the end of the placement

Timing: You are welcome to use the form from this point onwards. In fact we strongly encourage the use of the electronic system to reduce the use of paper and to streamline administrative tasks. When you send in the eAPP no paper forms will be required from you.

How to use it: simply fill in the form and save it in your file under the STUDENT NAME and DATE (or save a Master Copy and then fill in and save under Student Name and Date). Open an email to us and attach the eAPP form as you would any other form. You will have printed a copy of the completed form to discuss with the student, therefore you may give the printed version to them.

It is JCU’s intention to call each facility prior to the end of the student placement to discuss this, however if you don’t receive a phone call and would like to discuss the use of the eAPP please call (07) 4781 6501.