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Careers in Psychology

Get great generic skills: Psychology gives you wider career choices. Not all psychology graduates become practicing professional psychologists. Our 3-year and 4-year trained graduates get rewarding jobs in a wide variety of community, social services and business settings. Some of your likely career options, as you gain experience, could include:

  • Addiction counsellor

  • Advertising trainee

  • Affirmative action officer

  • Case worker

  • Chemical dependency counsellor

  • Child care counsellor

  • Child care worker

  • Child protection worker

  • Community development organiser

  • Community outreach coordinator

  • Consultant

  • Correctional service worker

  • Counsellor

  • Customer relations manager

  • Early childhood specialist

  • Group worker

  • Human services manager

  • Interviewer

  • Job analyst

  • Juvenile justice manager

  • Market researcher

  • Marketing manager

  • Parole officer

  • Personal analyst

  • Personnel coordinator

  • Planned parenthood counsellor

  • Policy advisor

  • Practicing professional Psychologist -
    specialising in Clinical,  or Health psychology

  • Probation officer

  • Public relations consultant

  • Research assistant

  • Residence counsellor

  • Residential service coordinator

  • Social security interviewer

  • Staff training and development officer

  • Statistical assistant

  • Student activities advisor

  • Veteran’s advisor

  • Youth coordinator

For information on employment opportunities within Australia please refer to the following web sites: