Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

Dr David Mitchell

Recent research involves projects which fall within the general area of cognitive neuroscience. These projects include:

  1. investigation of Baddeley's working memory model;

  2. the investigation of working memory and frontal lobe functioning in relation to psychiatric symptoms (funded by a small ARC of $37,500);

  3. the effects of alcohol on information processing; and

  4. the identification and assessment of adult attention deficit disorder.

These projects use behavioural measures of performance in association with recording of the electrical activity of the brain; in particular, event-related potentials. Prior research was concerned with longitudinal investigations of schizophrenia. I was involved with two major projects conducted in the UK, one of which investigated high risk factors for the development of schizophrenia, and the other evaluating the process and outcome of community placement of long-stay psychiatric patients. Though no longer actively involved in either, I maintain an interest in both areas.