Health Psychology

Dr Marie Caltabiano

Dr Marie Caltabiano has conducted research in Health Psychology since 1981, her doctoral dissertation being on the moderating effects of leisure on stress. She has published articles on employment stress in women, stress benefits of leisure, burnout in the helping professions, and atypical eating disorder in women. In the last 10 years her research interests covered craving, disordered eating and mood in bulimia nervosa patients, parental coping, post-natal depression, and the psychological management of menopause. Dr Caltabiano was a recipient of an Australian Rotary Health Research Grant in 1996 for her research into Menopause and Family Systems. Dr Caltabiano is a member of the Public Health Association of Australia, the International Federation of University Women, the American Psychological Society, with membership in the College of Health Psychologists. Her current research interests centre on Resiliency across the Lifespan and particularly in the elderly.