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Psychology of Learning and Memory Processes

Dr. Leh Woon Mok

Dr Mok's general academic interests lie in applying psychological and neuroscience perspectives to understanding human thoughts and behaviours. Her specialisations are in the psychology of learning and memory processes, with a concentration on cognitive neuroscience and functional neuroimaging techniques (such as fMRI). She also has specific research experience and expertise in the area of language and cognition. In addition, she is trained in psychometrics and quantitative methods, and has interest in applied cognition research; this latter interest derives from her previous appointment as an Aviation Psychologist at the Aeromedical Centre, Republic of Singapore Airforce, where she was also involved in personnel selection and testing of major Airforce vocations. Dr Mok has particular interest and strength in making meaningful, innovative connections across various sub-disciplines, especially employing concepts from cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and relevant quantitative methods. In recent years, she has explored the suitability of optical neuroimaging techniques and branched into the budding area of cognitive neuroscience of human social-affective behaviours, in both physical and virtual space. A study paradigm that she has been employing involves choices and decision making. The results may, thus, have implications also for neuroeconomics.