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Sport and Exercise Science

The discipline of Sport and Exercise Science was founded in 1994 accepting its first students in 1995. The Sport and Exercise Science discipline within the College of Healthcare Sciences, Division of Tropical Health and Medicine has over 380 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Our campuses are equipped with excellent facilities and state-of-the-art exercise physiology and movement analysis laboratories.

A degree in Sport and Exercise Science will give you the opportunity to work in a rewarding career in a variety of settings. Graduates from Sport and Exercise Science (SES) and Exercise Physiology (Clinical) courses have a strong understanding of the processes and mechanisms underlying human physical activity with a focus on the role of exercise for health and disease management (Clinical) or for the enhancement of human performance in occupational, sport, exercise and leisure settings (SES). We have a particular focus on the relationship between exercise and health in rural/remote/tropical living environments.