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Exercise Physiology Laboratories

Sport and Exercise Science comprises of exercise physiology laboratories on the Townsville and Cairns campuses.  Both laboratories are fundamental facilities for teaching practices within the undergraduate programmes and the conduction of national/international ranked sport and exercise science research.

The laboratories consist of customary exercise physiology equipment including;

  • Gas analysis systems (POWERLAB 8M, VMAX ENCORE 29, COSMED Kb42, Quinton)

  • Monitors of blood parameters [e.g. lactate, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, haemoglobin, pH, creatine kinase, etc] (Reflotron, Accutrend, Accusport, LactatePro)

  • Ergometers

    • treadmill (Quinton, TrackMaster)

    • cycle (Monark, LODE, Velotron)

    • arm crank (Monark)

    • swimming (VASA)

    • kayak (K1 ergo)

    • rowing (Concept)

  • Core and skin temperature monitoring systems (Equivital)

  • Cardiovascular function monitoring (PORTAPRES, USCOM, SphygmoCor)

  • EMG (Axon, Megawin)

  • ECG (Quinton, Philips, GE Medical Systems)

Additionally, each laboratory houses a climate controlled chamber (0-55°C and 30-100% relative humidity) that assists in the examination of heat and humidity on human performance in occupational, sport, exercise and leisure settings.