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SES Services

Corporate Health and Fitness

Sport and Exercise Science offers a variety of corporate health and fitness services tailored specifically to client needs. Services may include a combination of:

  • Health & fitness assessments

  • Exercise programming for improved health & fitness

  • Exercise programming for corporate sporting events

  • Healthy lifestyle education sessions

  • Workplace assessments (is your workplace conducive to a healthy lifestyle?)

Exercise Rehabilitation

There are many common conditions that may benefit from exercise rehabilitation – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease, cancer, chronic musculoskeletal injuries such as stress fractures, tendonitis & back pain.

Our exercise rehabilitation programs are individually tailored by an ESSA (Exercise and Sport Science Australia) Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist. They aim to improve general health, functional capacity and quality of life – speeding up the return to work after a sporting injury or illness, decreasing the risk of developing chronic diseases and decreasing the severity of existing chronic diseases.

Sport Science Services

Sport and Exercise Science offers a variety of Sport Science services tailored specifically to individual or team athletes.

These services may include an assessment of physiological capacities (aerobic, anaerobic, speed, power, strength, etc), exercise programming for enhanced sports performance and sport specific skill/technique analyses.

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Questions about the Sport and Exercise Science services should be directed to or phone (07) 4781 4121.