CMD Adjuncts

Adjunct staff are a vital part of JCU’s workforce. The title of Adjunct is awarded to provide formal recognition by JCU to persons who make regular and significant honorary contributions to the academic activities of the University.  These include teaching, collaborative research, postgraduate supervision and staff and student consultations.

Adjunct titles are used and recognised across the University.  Two categories of appointment are available: academic and professional/clinical.  Adjunct Academic titles are offered across a range of levels according to JCU’s specified criteria that include both conventional academic criteria as well as professional status and achievement.  JCU’s Adjunct Appointments Policy and Adjunct Appointments Procedure further outline these requirements.

Appointments are made through a nomination and approval process.  Applications are considered by the Division Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Adjunct Committee at least twice yearly.  Appointments are for a period of up to three years and may be renewed.

For more information please contact the Dean’s Office on (07) 4781 6232 or