Blended learning

Blended learning in the College of Medicine & Dentistry

Blended learning simply refers to the purposeful combination of face-to-face and online activities. The combination creates a blend that optimises student engagement and the achievement of learning outcomes. Purposeful decisions put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that creates an engaging learning journey that leads to student success.

In the College of Medicine and Dentistry, we use a variety of technology-enhanced learning approaches to increase student engagement and enhance performance.

These include:

  • provision of quiz-embedded online lecture videos which student can access anywhere, anytime, and provide instant feedback to teaching staff about student performance;
  • use of Smart Sparrow / Best Network adaptive online learning modules, which respond dynamically to student interactions;
  • use of audience response technology (eg keepads, smartphone systems) in face-to-face teaching to increase student engagement;
  • Slice – annotatable and sharable repository of medical images;
  • “Green screen” video recordings  – embedding the presenter within a video or Powerpoint presentation;
  • Multi-Touch online textbooks created with iBooks Author;
  • online electronic learning portfolios with PebblePad;
  • effective use of Blackboard Learning Management System, for example use of online assessment tools, quizzes, rubrics, collaborative tools; and
  • use of Blackboard Analytics to better understand how students engage with learning material.