The Head of the Townville Clinical School is Professor Sabe Sabesan. Prof Sabesan is also Director of Medical Oncology and Senior Staff Specialist for Townsville Cancer Centre at The Townsville Hospital and NCTC Clinical Dean. His passion is enhancing access to Oncology Services using Telemedicine. His also researches on various aspects of Telemedicine - satisfaction, safety, cost effectiveness and evaluating rural attitudes towards clinical trials and barriers to participation. More information is available via the Prof Sabesan Research Portfolio.

The majority of Academic staff of the JCU Clinical School are employed on a fractional basis and are clinically active physicians within our teaching hospitals. Our staff include:

Professor Damon Eisen, Professor of Medicine and Director of Research for Townsville Hospital

Professor Ajay Rane, Professor of Reproductive and Neonatal Health

Professor Yikong Ho, Professor of Surgery and

Professor Sarah Larkins, Associate Dean of Research

Dr Paula Heggarty, Academic Coordinator MBBS4, Townsville

Dr Muriel Soden, Academic Coordinator MBBS5, Townsville

Dr Amit Nigam, Academic Coordinator MBBS6, Townville

JCU Adjunct appointments are made to those THHS and Mater preceptor clinicians who support medical education of students in areas that include tutoring, lecturing, clinical training, assessment, student selection, research and accepting student electives or honours projects on a regular basis.