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The Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University is a five year undergraduate degree that provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become competent practitioners of dentistry. It is a broad-based program which includes all aspects of dental practice but also has  a  special  focus on issues of special concern to the northern Australian region, particularly those relating to tropical, rural and Indigenous practice.

Students will have early exposure to clinical practice, with an increasing proportion of the course dedicated to clinical skills in the later years. The curriculum integrates the basic sciences with dental clinical sciences and preventative oral health strategies. Students will study the first three  to  four  years on the Cairns Campus, and will spend the final year developing their clinical skills on placements in public and private dental clinics across northern Queensland, including Mackay, Proserpine, Atherton and Thursday Island.

Graduates of this course will have the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate dental health care in a variety of settings, including rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

For further information, including application information please go to Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Post Graduate Research Courses & Degrees

Medicine & Dentistry offers a wide range of postgraduate study options for prospective and current students. Postgraduate study is usually open to existing bachelor degree holders:

Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas

Postgraduate course work programs require the successful completion of a set of postgraduate subjects. Some subjects include a research option, but this is much shorter than required for a higher research degree. Coursework programs can act as credit towards higher degrees.