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Computer laboratories

Townsville, Building 39, Room 047

For Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Home rooms

As there are no designated home group rooms for any year level, your Home Group Facilitator will book your meeting room and let you know where to meet.

Parent room

Key is held at Pharmacy’s reception at the front of Building 47. The room is off the undercover walkway on the Building 46 side.

Prayer room

There is a room for prayer and religious worship shared by all faiths on the ground floor of Building 40. The key is available from the Administration Services reception office on the Ground Floor of Building 39.

Home Groups

Students in Years 1-3 are allocated to a group of approximately 8-10 students per group, known as Home Groups.

These groups allow students to get to know each other and members mostly work together in Guided Learning Sessions.

Each group has its own facilitator and there are rooms and computers allocated for use by Home Groups.

Year 1 will be allocated their Home Groups in Week 1 of the course. Students who are at JCU for the first time will find that Home Groups are enormously helpful in the settling in period as every student is part of a small group from the start of study.

Home Rooms are available outside normal teaching hours for student study use.

Attendance at Home Group meetings is a mandatory part of the MBBS program.

Course Overview & Structure

Course Overview

MBBS Placement Overview

Placement overview

Information technology

Learn JCU the online education platform

Subject and course information is on LearnJCU. LearnJCU is an online space where students can find subject requirements, assessment information, staff contact details, subject readings and lecture documents plus a range of tools that can facilitate group and individual work including discussion forums, wikis, blogs, audio recordings and tests. The JC login and password are used to access this secure learning tool.

Most course materials are found at LearnJCU (LJCU). Once you receive your JCU student number and your log in details you will have access to LJCU.

Go to the JCU Home page and click on LearnJCU in the top left corner. Log in and voila, subject materials for your year will be available as they are uploaded by your lecturer

Your JCU email will look like this:

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Login details

These will be sent to you once you have accepted your enrolment. Keep an eye out for them and bring them to JCU for commencement.

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Swipe Access to Rooms

Students are granted ‘swipe access’ to designated rooms and facilities for after-hours use related to their studies within the medical program. Access to the rooms and facilities varies with each year and students will be advised what they will have access to (in addition to the standard GATCF lab access provided by JCU).

Students are expected to use and treat the facilities in a respectful manner and follow any rules of use provided or communicated to them.

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Library - The Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo Library

JCU’s library is named after Eddie ‘Koiki' Mabo, who when working as a gardener at JCU, commenced a successful legal challenge in the High Court of Australia. As a result, the High Court recognised the prior ownership of traditional lands by Indigenous Australians and led to the historic Native Title Act.


A substantial medical and health care collection is held in the JCU Library. Essential texts and required readings are held on a 2 day loan. There are many online books.


The library has many journals, including most major journals, online. However, it does not hold or have access to all journals. If students require an article not held by JCU they will have to request and pay for this ahead of time.

For more information go to:

Reserve online for reading access

Students can now access readings in ‘reserve online’. This system is available 24 hours a day and replaces the print based reserve section in the Library. The following web address is the access to reserve online. Students must select Enable Remote Access each time they logon as a remote user from an off-campus site.

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Student Clubs

Medicine is committed to ensuring that students are represented in key committees that determine the direction and development of the medical program. At various stages during their study, students will be invited, through the James Cook University Medical Students Association (JCUMSA), to represent students in most School committees.

Support Services

The College has a well organised system of student support with staff who can assist students with issues related to their academic work and its interaction with personal lives. There are academic advisors based at every campus and clinical school. For information about the support staff at your campus or clinical school, please contact one of the professional staff.

For more information go to support services at JCU.


Did you know you have to apply to graduate, even if you don't want to attend a ceremony?

For information go to Graduation

Ask Us – 24/7 online enquiry system

If you have a question, check out AskUs – it’s a 24/7 online enquiry database with more than 1,000 commonly asked question

The system has information on enrolments, applying to JCU, fees, scholarships, social events, calendars – everything!


Life after your Medical Degree

Life after your medical degree