Anatomy and Pathology

The Discipline of Anatomy within the College of Medicine and Dentistry has modern Gross Anatomy Facilities located at the Townsville and Cairns campuses. An additional embalming suite, prosection laboratory and cadaver storage facility are located in Townsville.

Students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, rehabilitation sciences, and nursing are able to study human anatomy in our teaching areas with access to:

  • Prosected human cadaveric materials
  • Life-size skeletons
  • Bones, and
  • An extensive collection of modern anatomical models.

In the pathology area the College has:

  • Radiographic images
  • An audio visual system, including plasma screens
  • Microscopes linked to high definition projectors and screens, and
  • An extensive pathology museum.

The use of human bodies for teaching and research is strictly governed by Government legislation, including the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1979 and Transplantation and Anatomy Regulation 2017.

We acknowledge the contributions donors have made to education and science and ensure that respect for our donors is maintained at all times.

For further information about the JCU Human Bequest Program, including how to donate and what the process of donation entails please email us at or call our enquiries phone number (07) 4781 5022.