Clinical Skills Unit

Clinical Skills is an exciting area experiencing rapid growth and development. The Clinical Skills Unit continues expanding by exploring innovative curriculum, resources, teaching and learning methods.

The Clinical Skills Unit consists of a purpose built area and multidisciplinary team of clinical staff devoted to ensuring high quality clinical skills training across the undergraduate curriculum. The staff develop, coordinate and deliver learning programs; the integrated content is complementary to both bedside/clinic based teaching and broader curriculum learning areas.

The Unit provides a safe, structured environment and ensures standardised, quality teaching and learning opportunities for physical examination, communication and procedural clinical skills. Many teaching resources are employed; simulated patients are a major resource and are utilised extensively within the program. The Unit is committed to patient-centred, evidence based and reflective medical practice ensuring greater patient safety and care.

Our aim is to produce confident, competent health care professionals by fostering clinical excellence and professional development.

Interests and responsibilities of the Clinical Skills Unit:

  • Promotion of clinical teacher development
  • Development of a research program in clinical skills
  • Development and implementation of assessment procedures
  • Development of an evaluation framework and measures
  • Support the development of emerging health discipline programs at JCU: Physician Assistant course

For more information contact Dr Roy Rasalam on 07 4781 4558.