Graduate testimonials

Lyndsey Pell

Studying Bachelor Pharmacy at JCU

I chose to study pharmacy because I had an interest in chemistry, and I wanted to work in allied health and care for people.

The course offers clinical placements with hands-on practical experiences which have been great.  I have done placements at the Townsville Hospital and private pharmacies in Cairns and the Burdekin. Overseas placements are also an option for students.

I receive individual  attention  from  tutors,  the  lecturers  know  my  name  and  I have built friendships with the other students in my year. Each week we have tutorials where students learn how to communicate effectively and deliver a health service to patients, as well as advise about health products.

I’ve  enjoyed  being  part  of  the  JCU  Pharmacy  Association,  which  offers students additional training as well as social events. In 2013 I attended the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association Congress in Victoria.

When I finish my degree I’d like to work in a hospital pharmacy  as  it  will  offer  more  opportunities  to  use  my  clinical skills.

Christopher FlorenceChristopher Florence

Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2008

Pharmacist, Chris Boyle Payless Chemists, Townsville

I chose to study pharmacy because I liked science and biology and I saw it as a good career path. I worked at Payless Chemists through my studies, so doing my internship there was a natural progression.

Working as a pharmacist is challenging and every day I learn something new.

For many people with health problems, the pharmacist is the first port of call. We have strict guidelines to follow which allow us to either treat people over the counter or refer them to a doctor if necessary.

It’s very satisfying helping people better understand and manage their health and medications. It’s also important to keep updated as new drugs are developed all the time.

We had clinical placements in third and fourth year and could choose cities or towns where we’d like to work. I chose Cooktown and as JCU supports rural placements, my accommodation and transport were covered to work there for three weeks.

Pharmacy offers a variety of career opportunities including community pharmacy, hospital medication management, industry development roles and clinical trials for new drugs. The structure of the Bachelor of Pharmacy was really good. Our lecturers were well-informed and the course offered a broad level  of  knowledge  about  chemistry  and  medications.

Chris MitchellChris Mitchell

Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2005

Clinical Pharmacist, The Townsville Hospital

In my current position as a clinical pharmacist at the Townsville Hospital, I feel challenged, stimulated and rewarded every day. I have seven years’ experience in pharmacy, and have finally reached my professional destination.

Pharmacy provides an ideal balance between clinical knowledge and interacting and communicating with people. I’ve always had a strong interest in healthcare, and after participating in work experience in a variety of areas, I decided on pharmacy.

Having recently made a change in my career from community to hospital pharmacy, I am experiencing new challenges and now feel that I am more professionally satisfied than ever before.

I believe one of the major advantages that JCU has over other universities are its small class sizes. This promotes an individual focus where lecturers know students personally and are approachable, friendly and accommodating. The smaller class size also made it very easy to form friendships and study  groups  with  classmates.

One of the highlights of my pharmacy studies at JCU was the organised clinical placements. I really enjoyed the opportunity these placements provided as an insight into life working as a registered pharmacist. The relationships that I formed with students, academic staff, local pharmacists and pharmacy staff during my pharmacy degree at JCU have always  been and continue to be invaluable to me as a pharmacist.