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Application Process

All applicants for clinical elective placement must follow the process below.

No elective placement arrangements are to be made directly with hospital doctors.

Note: Due to the program’s increased popularity and the demand on the hospitals by increasing local student numbers, placements are not offered in all disciplines. There is also no guarantee an offer of placement will be made.

The process is broken down into steps. Although the final supporting documentation is not required to be completed until the applicant is informed of their success, if applicants wish, they may commence gathering the required documentation in anticipation.

Reminder: all documentation must be in English.

1. Block opens – Dates made available on the Placement Dates and Application Deadlines page

2. Students send application via the email supplied detailing interested placements.

3. Applications are reviewed and communication is held with the various hospitals. Hospitals advise the College of Medicine and Dentistry placement availabilities.

4. All applicants for the relevant placement period, will be emailed advising the outcome of their application. Note: notification may take 4-8 weeks from the closing date.

5. If successful, the applicant:

  • confirms their acceptance by return email;
  • pays the placement fee, if applicable, within seven days from receipt of email; and
  • submits the further supported documentation as outlined in the Placement Requirements section of this website within seven days OR by at least one month prior to the placement commencement date (whichever is soonest).

For applicant’s information:

During the online application, applicants are required to email the following supporting documentation to

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Record – current
  • Curriculum Vitae – current
  • Clinical Elective Placement Indemnity and Insurance Forms (refer Supporting Documentation)


  • Not applicable - the applicant’s University has a Placement Deed with Queensland Health