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Supporting documentation

Letter of Recommendation

The Dean of the College of Medicine and Dentistry (or his/her designate) is to support the student’s application. This should take the form of a letter on official University letterhead. The letter will:

  • outline that the student is enrolled in a medicine/dentistry course

  • is recommended for the clinical elective placement

  • include an assessment of the student’s academic and clinical abilities

  • include an outline of the student’s training at the time of the application.

Academic Record

The student’s academic record is considered when processing the application.

Curriculum Vitae

Details of the student’s employment and qualifications will be considered when processing the application.

Clinical Elective Indemnity and Insurance

JCU requires indemnity and insurance for the applicant. Option A (form 1a and form 1b) is preferred and desirable however if this is not possible then the student must complete Option B (forms 2a and 2b) Option C relates to select Australian University students only.

Option A- Preferred

The student’s university agrees to indemnify and insure the student. The applicant and their university MUST complete and sign the following forms:

Form 1a ‘Clinical Elective Placement Indemnity Form’

Form 1b. ‘Declaration by the Dean of Medicine of the Students’ University’

The Clinical Elective Placement Indemnity Form requires the applicant’s university to hold adequate public liability insurance (AUD $20,000,000.00) and medical indemnity insurance (AUD $20,000,000.00) to cover the student whilst on the placement.

The applicant must provide a copy of their university’s policy/certificate of currency for each type of insurance.

Requirements regarding insurance policies:

  1. Overseas Certificate of Currency should be written in English.

  2. If the amounts in the Certificate of Currency are in foreign currency, the equivalent of these amounts must be specified in Australian Dollars.

  3. The Certificate of Currency should specify the type of insurance for example, comprehensive public liability or medical indemnity insurance.

  4. The Insurance Ratings should be shown in the Certificate of Currency. The acceptable ratings are AAA (High, Very Strong), or AA+ (High, Strong).

  5. Policies must be confirmed if “occurrence based”

NOTE: If the above requirements are not clear from the policy/certificate of currency, the Clinical Electives Coordinator will request the applicant to ask their university to provide written confirmation from the insurer itself.

Option B – Compulsory if Option A is not completed

The  student’s university is not able to insure the student on placement in Australia –

In this instance the following forms MUST be completed in full:

Form 2a ‘Clinical Elective Placement Acknowledgement and Declaration – Home University’

Form 2b ‘Clinical Elective Placement Acknowledgement and Indemnity Form – Student’

The student MUST also take out the following Insurance:

Evidence of this Insurance compliance MUST be sent via email to

Option C – Exception

If the indemnity form is not applicable because the applicant’s university has a Placement Deed in place with Queensland Health, then the applicant MUST email the Clinical Electives Coordinator and advise this information, and organise with their university to complete and forward a QHealth Schedule to the appropriate QHealth District covering the applicant’s clinical elective placement. Refer Placement Deed with Queensland Health in this section below.

Confirmation of Placement

Once your placement is confirmed, please refer to the Placement Requirements for further Supporting Documentation.