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Study a Graduate Diploma of Orthodontics

Mon, 4 Nov 2019
Dr Ameen Al-Yousef

When Sydney dentist, Dr Ameen Al-Yousef was looking to increase his skills for his general dentistry practice, he couldn’t go past James Cook University.

“JCU is one of the top dental schools in the country. Its’ teachers and professors are world renown. The courses are a great mix of online theory and supervised clinical experience.”

As a general dentist, Dr Al-Yousef wanted to develop his knowledge to better treat his patients. While there were many short courses for dentists, he didn’t feel they offered the level of experience and practical skills that JCU did.

He first completed the Graduate Diploma in Implantology through the University two years ago, before being drawn back to JCU to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics.

“I’m a general dentist, not a specialist. But those skills enable me to better recognise problems and help my patients,” Dr Al Yousef said.

“A lot of the other courses are very short. You study for five days or so, do an exam and then you’re left to treat patients. JCU is not like that. We get all the knowledge, skills and experience that we need so when we go back to our practices we can treat patients properly. It’s about being better clinicians.”

“The courses are enjoyable, interesting and very interactive. We study theory through the online lectures and come to Cairns for the clinical side. We get to work with patients in the JCU dental clinic under one-to-one supervision. We also have the chance to do main surgeries and to assist our colleagues in their surgeries.

“The courses are amazing.”

Dr Al-Yousef said the university offers students the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.

“The tutors and lecturers here are brilliant, they’re highly qualified and so supportive. They engage you and provide one-to-one teaching.

“They give you the tools to study, they help and support you and provide all the knowledge and skills you need to be a better clinician.”

From the outside, Dr Al-Yousef said the idea of combining his work as a dentist, with life and study might not look manageable, but that’s not the case.

“The university does everything it can to support you. The teachers, lecturers, the administrative staff all do what they can to help the process. They do it without compromising the quality of the teaching or the quality of patient treatment.”

He’s keen to recommend the postgraduate courses to other general dentists looking to build their knowledge and skills.

“I always talk to them about the courses offered at JCU and I have already recommended them to a couple of dentist friends. They are for general dentists who want to improve themselves and upgrade their knowledge.”

“You’re learning from really great people. It has made me a better clinician, a better doctor, a better person.”