Honours Program

The Honours program provides the opportunity for students with strong academic achievement to develop research skills and knowledge in the design and conduct of a research project in their area of interest.

An Honours Degree is a gateway to an academic career and a more prestigious degree may also improve future employment prospects.

Entry to the Honours program needs to be well planned and prepared during the year preceding the commencement of the Honours program.

MBBS Honours

This program runs in parallel to the final two years of the MBBS (years 5 and 6) and students undertake a research project in addition to their normal studies.

MBBS Honours (Graduate) This program runs in parallel to year 6 of the MBBS and Postgraduate Year 1, or at any time up to Post Graduate Year 5

Bachelor of Medical Science

Research based full time year (a year off from the MBBS program). This program is available to students between years three and four, or between years four and five.

Overview of the different steps in the Honours program

Common questions about the Honours program and their answers

More information

The course administrator is Toni-Marie Webb and the Honours Program Co-ordinator is Associate Professor Ronny Gunnarsson.

For enquiries about the Honours program email cmd.honours@jcu.edu.au