Student Support Program

College of Medicine and Dentistry Research Student Support Program Guidelines 2016

Higher Degree by Research Students

Higher Degree by Research Students accepted into the college will receive a notational allocation totalling a minimum of $1500 per educational fulltime study load (EFTSL) to support the direct costs of research. This support will be available for 2 years for Masters Students and 3 years for Doctoral students: after this time no further funding will be allocated. Students will be able to access these funds throughout their candidature - allocations not spent in one year will rollover until the next year.

In addition to these funds each year the college will run a competitive grant scheme for direct research costs, conference funding, doctoral completions and publication grants. Students can only make one application type per round depending on their requirements. It is expected that students will normally only receive 2 competitive grants during their candidature.
To apply students must have successfully undertaken their confirmation.

These will be administered by the supervisor of academic services and applications will be called for in April in the event of available funding further bids may be called for funding in September.

Graduate Certificate in Research Methods students & Masters by Coursework students undertaking a 12 credit research project.

The above students undertaking a 12 credit point research project will receive a notational allowance of $500 for their research project, along with support for the costs of open access publication.

Acceptable Research Expenses

  • General Expenses
  • Thesis costs, inter library loans, books, specialised computer packages, field work expenses, lab consumables, training costs and memberships of societies related to their research discipline.

  • Travel (Conference and field work)
  • If students wish to use college funds for project related travel, it is essential that flights are         booked via JCU’s travel system prior to travel for insurance reasons. Travel expenses cannot be refunded after the event. Travel must also be approved by the student’s supervisor.

    Prior to embarking on field work please read thee Field Trip Procedure Policy and complete risk assessment on RiskWare and cc Emma Anderson.

  • Conference Attendance
    Students may also use these funds to attend conferences with the proviso that they are presenting at and have the support of their supervisor to attend.
  • Computers, tablets, mobile phones
  • College support funds cannot be used for the purchase of mobile phones, tablets or computers.

  • Equipment
  • Where equipment is purchased with college support funds upon completion of the project the equipment remains the property of the college.

Financial Support for Publication

Publication costs can be quite significant when students wish to publish in open access journals or high impact journals that charge fees. To aid in helping students publish the school has set aside a small fund of $20,000 towards these costs that students can apply for.

This support is available to Honours, Masters, PhD and Professional Doctorate students with priority given to students in their final year of study and up to 6 months after completion.*
To be eligible students must be enrolled with the College of Medicine as the main College.

  • Publications must be related to the student research project
  • Students must be the first author on the publication
  • There will be a limit of 2 publications per year per individual
  • Journals must be listed in ERA Journal List and preferably listed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, or Scopus.  Please contact to confirm journal listing.
  • Students must present evidence of acceptance prior to fund application

*Funding will not be provided for hybrid journals under advice from library.

How to Access Funding

Students can access all these funds by completing a request via ResearchWeb:

To access the online form you will need to login and create an account including registering your project, the form can be found by selecting applications on the right menu.

Any questions please email