Veterinary Diagnostics

The kidneys receive about of quarter of the blood flow and are very sophisticated filters where unwanted breakdown products such as urea and drugs found in the body are excreted. The kidneys also assist in controlling the water balance in the body. Thus the urine can be used to test for some diseases, like diabetes mellitus where there is an increase in sugar in the urine, it can also be used to test for some drugs like most antibiotics that are excreted by the kidneys. Some chemicals filtered through the kidneys will result in crystal formation. The urine is also an indicator of kidney and urine bladder health. Can the kidneys concentrate the urine? Is there blood or kidney and white blood cells in the urine? Is there infection of the kidneys or bladder? Are there bacteria or fungi in the urine? If there are can they be grown and tested for susceptibility to commonly used antibiotics.

The Aim of the project is to:

  • Investigate the bacteria that cause cystitic (urinary bladder infections) in dogs.

Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Picard and Dr Dilini Thilakaratne

What will you be doing

  • Analysing dog urine samples and coming to a diagnoses.

Case Study Outline

Project 2 - Veterinary Diagnostics