Consultation Room

Welcome to the Consultation Room

What typically occurs in a veterinary consultation?

Your veterinarian will take a history of your pet, conduct a thorough physical examination and discuss any of your current pet concerns with you and discuss any other animal health issues that have been identified.  Veterinarians can also provide animal behaviour consultations.

During a physical exam, the veterinarian will usually check the following:

  • Coat and Skin Health – this is a great indicator to assess diet and other health factors;
  • Ears – to check for infection or irritation;
  • Heart and Lungs – to check respiration;
  • Abdomen – to check the bladder, liver and spleen; and
  • Oral Hygiene – to check for infected gums, loose teeth, objects stuck between the teeth, tumours, etc.

The veterinarian will also check the pet’s health care record for annual health screening. For dogs and cats the veterinarian will check and discuss some of the following things: