JCU to shore up Pacific disease defence
Tue, 5 May 2020
James Cook University researchers are on a mission to strengthen Pacific island defences against mosquito-borne viruses as the region sees huge increases in diseases spread by the insect.

“Poopcorn” helps uncover plastic risk to turtles
Wed, 29 Apr 2020
James Cook University PhD student Daniel González Paredes is researching what happens to marine turtles when they eat plastic – by studying how they poop corn.

Coronavirus: Animal disease detectives to be trained across SE Asia
Wed, 29 Apr 2020
As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, veterinary scientists from James Cook University have joined a regional organisation to train a new generation of ‘animal disease detectives’ in 11 countries across Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Should we squash the curve?
Wed, 8 Apr 2020
James Cook University scientists say Australia and the World are facing hard choices in the months and years ahead.

Call for stronger restrictions as new phase of virus looms
Wed, 8 Apr 2020
James Cook University scientists have found Australia’s bans on international travel have reduced the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by nearly 80 per cent.

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