Research in public health and tropical medicine at JCU encompasses a diverse range of topics and research methodologies that reflect the realities of living in a tropical environment. Examples of current research includes the impact of disasters, understating the determinants of health  in rural, remote and tropical populations, risk factors and interventions for chronic disease, enhancing mosquito-borne surveillance and working towards address Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). Ultimately, Our research aims to enhance health and wellbeing in the tropics as well as rural and remote Australia.  A priority for our research is that it directly translates into application in a tropical environment. Our researchers conduct research and engage with stakeholders across the continuum, including Hospital and Health Services in North QLD, WEHI, QCMRI, business and non-government organisations.  A wide and exciting range of research opportunities exist.

Current research areas include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • Aeromedical transportation and health outcomes
  • Alcohol and other substances
  • Active transport
  • Disaster and response
  • Drowning prevention
  • Injury prevention  (intentional and unintentional)
  • Traveller health
  • Health Systems
  • HIV
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD)
  • Vector borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and Zika.
  • One health
  • Rural health
  • Chronic disease
  • Health economics
  • Service evaluation

Planning a Ph.D. project

A Ph.D. in Public Health & Tropical Medicine offers an opportunity for self-motivated,  mentor-guided research, providing the ideal training for a professional career. Projects are largely determined by the interests of the individual students and their supervisors and you are requested to speak with potential supervisors regarding projects of interest. It is particularly useful for prospective students to consult with as many staff members as possible, so that an informed decision can be made regarding the choice of project(s). Positions are awarded competitively and, in almost all cases, are dependent on successful application for a postgraduate scholarship.

If a student has a specific project in which they are interested they are encouraged to speak with relevant potential supervisors to investigate the possibility (and feasibility) of conducting research to investigate the specific research of interest.

How to apply to study at JCU

Application must be in writing and all hard copies of certified original transcripts and any additional documentation must be included. Find out more on the postgraduate application page.

Do not do this until you have discussed the nature of your proposed project with your potential supervisor and there is agreement that an application is appropriate.

Further information on completing postgraduate studies at James Cook University is available on: Applying for Candidature