Veterinary Sciences

The specific objective of the Veterinary Science degree program at JCU is to produce Veterinary Science graduates who are competent to function as generalist veterinarians, with an appropriate foundation to practice safely and effectively in any branch of veterinary science.

The greatest strength of our programme is its people, both staff and students. We are indeed fortunate to have dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic staff teaching bright, motivated students in the Veterinary Science program.

Our location is undoubtedly also one of our strengths. Firstly our students undertake the majority of their training in regional and rural locations, and this means our graduates are comfortable and contented working in remote and exotic locations. Secondly, we are located in a prosperous, rapidly developing region with an extensive and diverse range of animal production and aquacultural enterprises, and a substantial companion animal population. Thirdly, our tropical location provides us with a unique range of opportunities for research, clinical teaching, collaboration and extension, as well as offering our students an insight into issues of particular relevance to the tropical regions of the world.

Our graduates are internationally recognised and sought after.