Planning a Ph.D. project

A Ph.D. in Veterinary Sciences offers an opportunity for self-motivated, mentor-guided research, providing the ideal training for a professional career in veterinary sciences. Projects are largely determined by the interests of the individual students and their supervisors and you are requested to speak with potential supervisors regarding projects of interest. It is particularly useful for prospective students to consult with as many staff members as possible, so that an informed decision can be made regarding the choice of project(s). Positions are awarded competitively and, in almost all cases, are dependent on successful application for a postgraduate scholarship.

If a student has a specific project in which they are interested they are encouraged to speak with relevant potential supervisors to investigate the possibility (and feasibility) of conducting research to investigate the specific research of interest.

Apply for a Scholarship

James Cook University offers the following competitive scholarships:

  • Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships, for both domestic (RTPS) and international (IRTPS) applicants
  • JCU Postgraduate Research Scholarship (JCUPRS), for both domestic and international applicants
  • AIMS@JCU Scholarship for both domestic and international applicants who have the agreement of an Advisor from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

The Graduate Research School can provide further information on postgraduate studies at James Cook University

A postgraduate experience

Daniel explains his experience studying a PhD in Veterinary Science at James Cook University in Townsville and how his research will help his career when he returns to Brazil.