Engineering Research Projects

Research projects in Engineering are listed below for each discipline. The availability of each project for Undergraduate/Study Abroad (UG/SA), Honours (Hons), Masters (MSc), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) modes of study are shown.

Chemical Engineering

Prof Yinghe HeBattery Technology: Synthesis of active materials for rechargeable batteries. Recovery and regeneration of materials from recycled rechargeable batteries.
A/Prof Bobby Mathan and Dr George VamvounisNew materials, Polymers, Biomaterials: Development of new highly sensitive and selective nitroaromatic sensors. Engineering new polymers for state-of-the-art applications. Biodegradation of metallic biomaterials. Synthesis of ceramic biomaterials. Corrosion of materials. Electropolymerisation of conductive polymers.
Dr Madoc SheehanParticulate transport and Biofuel Technology: Catalyst development for biodiesel production. Analysis of micro-algal biofilm systems. Production of designer particles. Modelling of multi-phase particulate processes.

Civil Engineering

Dr Bithin DattaStudies in ground water flow and coastal aquifers using numerical modelling, theoretical analysis and optimisation. These include salt water intrusion and mine waste water seepage.
A/Prof Siva Sivakugan and Dr Peter ToGeomechanics and Groundwater: Studies on foundations, soft clays, mine back filling, addressing real world problems, using laboratory testing and numerical modelling, carried out for the geotechnical and mining industry.
Prof John Ginger and Dr David HendersonStructural Engineering: Studies on wind loading and structural response with the Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) using wind tunnel model studies, full scale testing, and structural analysis. Outcomes are used by the building industry, and Standards Australia and also for building vulnerability assessments by Emergency management and the Insurance Industry.
Dr Rabin TuladharStudies on sustainable construction materials, seismic design, structural health monitoring and strengthening of aged infrastructure. The development of recycled plastic fibres to reinforce concrete, received the Australian Innovation Award in Manufacturing, Construction and Innovation category, in 2015.

Electrical Engineering

Dr Mostafa Rahimi AzghadiNeuromorphic engineering develops aspects of the brain in electronics that advances applications ranging from robotics to brain-machine interfaces.
A/Prof Mohan JacobElectronics and Materials Research: Developing advanced materials including thin films, biomaterials, and graphene for sensor technologies, organic semiconductors, organic solar cells, electronics and biomedical applications and semiconductor applications. Microwave pyrolysis of materials including various waste materials and bioenergy production is another research focus.
Dr Ahmad ZahediPower Engineering and Renewable Energy Research: Focuses on the area of the smart electricity grid and integrated renewable energy, storage systems and Plug-in Hybrid electric Vehicle, power system modelling and monitoring of energy production.

Electronic Systems & IoT Engineering

Prof Wei Xiang and Dr Bronson PhilippaSmart Sensor & applications: Developing research strength in Senor Technologies closely aligned with Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Prof Wenxian LinFluid Mechanics: Computational fluid dynamics, buoyancy-driven flows, boundary layers, environmental fluid dynamics, mixing and entrainment, turbulence modelling, direct numerical simulation.
A/Prof Yin LingBio-mechanics: Multiscale structure-property-process relations of engineering, dental and biological hard tissue materials, mechanical structures, dental restorations, osteoporosis/osteoarthritis studies, and marine/animal sciences.
Dr Rong SituRenewable Energy and Energy Conversion Technology: Solar thermal energy, renewable energy technology, heat transfer, building heating and ventilation, bio-fuel technology and oil recovery.