Engineering Staff

Across our research and teaching, we have a wide range of expertise. Our researchers, your lecturers, are listed here with various networking and contact options available.

Head of Academic Group

Daniel Christie photo

Daniel Christie

Daniel Christie has more than 15 years’ experience in various large-scale engineering projects, ranging from defence projects with the Royal Australian Air Force to international resource projects with leading global mining and resource companies. As a result he has established himself as an expert in project management and asset management in the region.

Academic Staff

Dr Bithin Datta photo

Dr Bithin Datta

Bithin received his PhD at Purdue University, USA, before beginning his research on water resources systems, Al Applications, Surface and Groundwater Modelling and Remediation, Droughts, Coastal aquifers management and mine site contamination, amongst others.  He has been the author of numerous academic publications, and has conducted research in many countries.

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Prof. John D Ginger photo

Prof. John D Ginger

John Ginger is Research Director at the Cyclone Testing Station, and is involved in research, testing and consulting in wind engineering.  John is Chief Investigator in a project with the Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC and an ARC Linkage project. He is a committee member of Standards Australia committee BD-006/2–Wind Loads.

Jeremy Gordon photo

Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy is a lecturer in engineering and is currently teaching first and second year subjects in mathematics, physics and engineering.  He has previously taught a variety of undergraduate mechanical engineering subjects in engineering design, machine design, vibration, thermodynamics ,heat transfer, thesis. His research areas include mathematical modelling and machine design.

Professor Yinghe He photo

Professor Yinghe He

Professor He is a chemical engineer with interests in broad and highly interdisciplinary areas ranging from multiphase processes to nanostructured materials. Fundamentally, his research is concerned with understanding and application of the formation and behaviour of solid particles, liquid droplets and gas bubbles in industrial scale processes.

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Dr David Henderson photo

Dr David Henderson

David is Director of the Cyclone Testing Station.  He has conducted damage investigations following cyclones, tornadoes and storms here and overseas.  He has broken everything from screws through to complete houses as he leads the CTS full scale house testing lab.

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Professor Mohan Jacob photo

Professor Mohan Jacob

Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Associate Dean Research Education

Professor Mohan Jacob is the Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and the Associate Dean Research Education, College of Science and Engineering. His main research interests are Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Technique, Graphene, Organic Semiconductors, RF Plasma Polymerisation, Microwave Pyrolysis, Development of Encapsulation layers and biomaterials, Material Characterisations including Ellipsometry, I-V (Electrical), Raman Spectroscopy, FTIR, AFM, Nanoindentation. He published over 170 peer-reviewed articles and received over $4 Million research funding. He received many research awards including the Vice-Chancellors Research Excellence Award and the Primary Advisor of the Year Award.

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Dr Owen Kenny image

Dr Owen Kenny

Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr Kenny is an expert in signals processing and teaches across all year levels in the engineering program. His teaching focus is on Digital Signals Processing and digital logic software implementations.

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Dr Lei Lei photo

Dr Lei Lei


A lecturer in Electronic Systems and IoT Engineering, Dr Lei's research interests include Internet-of-Things, mobile cloud/edge computing, vehicular communication networks, and device-to-device communications.

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Dr Kenneth Leong photo

Dr Kenneth Leong

Dr Leong's primary research involves characterisation of materials at microwave frequencies - and this also aligns with his areas of interest. He has worked at NIST (National of Institute of Standards and Technology, in Boulder Colorado) Division 814 Electromagnetic Technology Division, and Division 818 Electromagnetics Division; Hill Michael and Associates; Ergon Energy.

Professor Wenxian Lin photo

Professor Wenxian Lin

Professor Lin is the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Discipline, and has held the position since 2010.  Research fields include; buoyancy-driven flow and heat transfer, stratified flows, CFD, and solar thermal engineering. He has participated in 8 ARC Discovery Projects with total funding over $2.5m (including Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship), and received the Australian Award for University Teaching in 2015.

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Dr. Bronson Philippa photo

Dr. Bronson Philippa

Electronics and Software Engineer

Dr. Bronson Philippa has experience in electronics, software, and semiconductor device physics. He seeks to apply computational methods to diverse applications, from the characterisation of organic electronics to sensors and automation in smart agriculture. He teaches programming, electronics, and embedded systems.

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Dr. Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi photo

Dr. Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi

Mostafa was a postdoctoral fellow at Adelaide University in 2014, working in the area of smart biomedical sensors. In 2015, he was with Sydney University to develop VLSI interfaces to nanoscale sensors, before joining JCU in 2016 as a lecturer. His research interests include Neuromorphic Engineering, Nanoelectronics, Embedded Systems, and VLSI.

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Dr Ben Seligmann photo

Dr Ben Seligmann

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

I am primarily interested in managing risk in complex systems. I currently teach chemical engineering at James Cook University, and also do research into applying complex systems and complexity science to risk management problems.

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Dr Madoc Sheehan photo

Dr Madoc Sheehan

Process Modeller

Madoc Sheehan is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering.  His research interests are in drying and dryer design (minerals, food, fibre and algae), multi-scale process modelling and industrial energy analysis. He is an expert in engineering curriculum design and has won awards for embedding of sustainability into undergraduate engineering program

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Dr Rong Situ photo

Dr Rong Situ

Dr Situ joined in James Cook University in 2010. He is currently a senior lecturer in mechanical engineering. He received the PhD degree at Purdue University, USA in 2004. His research interests are two-phase flow experimentation and modelling, environmental fluid mechanics, and bio-fuel engine technologies.

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Dr Nagaratnam Sivakugan photo

Dr Nagaratnam Sivakugan

Dr Nagaratnam Sivakugan is a registered professional engineer and a chartered civil engineer, specialising in geotechnical engineering. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Engineers Australia. He received his MSCE and PhD from Purdue University, USA. His bestselling geotechnical books are adopted as textbooks worldwide.

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Dr Peter To photo

Dr Peter To

Dr To obtained his BSc & MSc in Civil Engineering at St Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia. He was grant PhD degree at UQ. Currently, his work focuses on internal erosion, ground improvement, and numerical simulation. Dr To has expertise in DEM, LBM and wireless sensors.

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Dr Rabin Tuladhar photo

Dr Rabin Tuladhar

Dr. Rabin Tuladhar is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at the College of Science and Engineering. Dr. Tuladhar's research interests include innovative construction Materials, durability of concrete, seismic design,  strengthening of aged infrastructure, sustainable design and engineering education.

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Dr. George Vamvounis photo

Dr. George Vamvounis

Chemical Engineer

I obtained my PhD from Simon Fraser University and Xerox, where I developed polymers for OLEDs. I was a research fellow at The Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and The University of Queensland (COPE) studying dendritic materials.  My research now focusses on engineering new conjugated polymers for sensors, solar cells and transistors.

Dr Eric Wang photo

Dr Eric Wang

Dr Eric Wang is a lecturer in Electronic Systems and Internet of Things at JCU. He has been conducting the research and implementation of the IoT technology since 2007. He is now dedicating himself in integrating the IoT technology in smart house, smart industries and smart cities.

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Dr Greg Wheatley photo

Dr Greg Wheatley

Senior Lecturer

Senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering focusing on finite element analysis, mechanical design to Australian Standards, metal fatigue, fracture mechanics, bulk materials handling and Lean manufacturing. Greg has over 20 years of industry experience in the aviation and resources industries.

Professor Wei Xiang photo

Professor Wei Xiang

Foundation Professor of IoT

Wei Xiang is Foundation Professor and Head of Discipline Internet of Things Engineering at JCU. He is a Fellow of the IET and a Fellow of Engineers Australia. He was a co-recipient of three Best Paper Awards. He has been awarded several prestigious Fellowships. His research interests are in the broad area of IoT and wireless communications.

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Associate Professor Ahmed Zahedi photo

Associate Professor Ahmed Zahedi

Associate Professor Ahmad Zahedi is with the college of Science and Engineering of James Cook University. Educated in Iran and Germany, Ahmad is author or co-author of more than 180 publications including 4 books, has trained 20 postgraduate candidates, has examined more than 50 PhD thesis, and has completed 15 industry-funded projects.

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