Environmental Management

Play a lead role in creating a brighter future for the Tropics by understanding how we can live more sustainably and harmoniously with the environment.

Learn how natural environments function and change over time and how societies can use and modify these environments and the resources they provide. A degree in environmental management fields will prepare you to deal with environmental issues now and into the future, including climate change, natural disaster management, tourism, and land use.

We will provide you with expertise in areas including physical and human geography, urban and regional planning, settlement and landscape design, natural resource management, and protected area management.

Our environmental management courses offer field trips and work experience in the Townsville and Cairns regions where you can experience the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland’s Wet Tropics.

"We learn a lot about tropical urban design and JCU’s location in the Tropics places it perfectly for that. Sustainability is a key component of the degree, with a real emphasis on sustainable development."
- Matteo (Bachelor of Planning)

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