Gypsy Program

Gypsum rate calculator for sugarcane growers

Soil sodicity has a marked detrimental effect on sugarcane growth and yield. Gypsy is a Windows based software program designed to help Australian sugarcane growers make decisions on what rates of gypsum to apply to sodic soils. It also does various calculations related to soil and irrigation water salinity and sodicity. 

Toolkit for sodic soils

The Gypsy Program was developed for use by advisory staff and growers, and is part of a ‘Toolkit for Improved Diagnosis and Management of Sodic Soils in the Australian Sugar Industry’ produced by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Sustainable Sugar Production in 2000. 

The CRC no longer provides the toolkit but is available via James Cook University (JCU).

The Toolkit includes:

  • Manual: Diagnosis and management of sodic soils under sugarcane
  • Gypsy Program and User Manual  
  • Diagnostic Field Kit Guide  

Download Gypsy and Toolkit

More information

For queries about the Toolkit and Gypsy Program, please contact Dr Paul Nelson

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