Environmental Management Research Themes

JCU has many world-renowned researchers who undertake cutting-edge research in their chosen field of environmental science and management.

We are at the forefront of research in a number of environmental science and management themes, including:

GIS and remote sensing

Duce, Joyce, Smithers, Dawson, Bainbridge, Beaman

We use satellite, airborne, shipborne, and field survey data to map and monitor the environment. Technologies used include drones and state of the art GIS software platforms. Ongoing projects include mapping the Great Barrier Reef, mapping reef islands on the GBR and further abroad, monitoring water circulation and thermodynamics on the reef, documenting sites of archaeological significance, long-term mangrove monitoring, coastal erosion and horticultural yield estimates.

Physical Geography and Geomorphology

Haig, Nott, Smithers, Wasson, Dawson, Duce, Bainbridge

This group examines the physical surface features of the Earth. There is a strong focus on the health and functioning of tropical riverine catchments and coastal environments and reconstructing climate and environmental change through a range of long-term natural archives. Specific projects include catchment sediment sources and transport rates, coral reef and reef island development and change, long-term patterns of extreme natural events and coastal change over time.

Water and soil science

Lim, Nelson, Smithers, Bainbridge, Orr, Bird

We study the processes and conditions of water and soil in natural and managed ecosystems of the tropics, including the cycling and transformations of carbon, nutrients and contaminants. This allows us to develop ways of improving the productivity and biodiversity of agricultural soils, improving the health of aquatic and marine ecosystems and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.