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JCU team announce the age of Homo naledi

Professor Paul Dirks and Associate Professor Eric Roberts have spent the past few years analysing fossils of the hominid Homo naledi, found deep in a cave system in South Africa in 2013.

Using state-of-the-art dating techniques at JCU and other facilities in laboratories around the world, they have now found Homo naledi to be between 236,000 and 335,000 years old; a time period that overlaps with the ancestors of modern humans

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Marine Geoscientist Dr Rob Beaman and colleagues discover a massive undersea landslide off the Great Barrier Reef

James Cook University scientists have helped discover the remnants of a massive undersea landslide on the Great Barrier Reef, approximately 30 times the volume of Uluru.

JCU’s Dr Robin Beaman said the remains of the slip, known as the Gloria Knolls Slide, were discovered 75 kilometres off the north Queensland coast near the town of Innisfail while the scientists were working from the Marine National Facility’s blue-water research ship Southern Surveyor.

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She Flies Drones - Dr Karen Joyce is using drones to engage girls in science

Drones are increasingly becoming a part of daily life, with companies and organisations across the globe already investing heavily in drone technology.

Now, thanks to an innovative James Cook University program supported by the Australian and Queensland Governments, local high-school girls will have the opportunity to learn more about this rapidly-growing field.