Geoscience Research Projects

Research projects in Geosciences are listed below. The availability of each project for Undergraduate/Study Abroad (UG/SA), Honours (Hons), Masters (MSc), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) modes of study are shown.

Prof Michael BirdDeveloping records of past environmental change in tropical Australia using stable isotopes
Quantifying the role of charcoal in the global carbon cycle
Developing new geochemical tools and techniques for understanding past environmental change
Using isotopes to understand the tropical water cycle
Understanding the role of biochar in enhancing carbon sequestration and agricultural productivity in the tropics
Does the insect community reflect local habitat? Evidence from stable isotope values of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen
Dr Chris WursterHolocene palaeohydrology and palaeoclimate of Far North Queensland: evidence from stable isotope value of a carbonate rich lake
Reconstructing the palaeoenvironments of Sundaland: Evidence from stable isotope values of cave guano
Reconstructing the palaeoenvironments of Far North Queensland: Evidence from stable isotope values of cave guano
Can we reconstruct fire intensity using stable isotope values of oxygen and hydrogen from Pyrogenic carbon.
Dr James DanielSeismic Stratigraphy of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea regions
Regional-scale basin analysis research integrating sparse reflection seismic and well data
Integration of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) optical imagery and vessel-based acoustic data for improved seabed geomorphology/habitat mapping
Acoustic characterisation of the seabed using Multibeam sonar Angular Response (AR) data
Geophysical field mapping (study abroad, undergraduate, honours)
Dr Robin Beaman & Dr. James DanielMapping and hydrodynamic interpretation of submarine dune systems in SE QLD
Regional mapping, characterisation, and database of pockmarks distributions in the GBR
Dr Jan Marten HuizengaGeological behaviour of fluids in the crust and upper mantle
Sub projects -
1. Diamond  resorption in kimberlite magmas's
2. Modelling hydrothermal graphite precipitation
3. Thermodynamic mapping of fluids in the crust and mantle
Effect of chemical weathering on the water chemistry of the Ornage River (Sth Africa)
Fluid transport in the middle crust (Mt Ia area)
A/Professor Eric RobertsUnderstanding the drainage evolution of NE Australia through detrital zircon geochronology of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sandstones from Northern and Central Queensland
Holocene sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology of coastal NE Queensland
Cave sedimentology and stratigraphy in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa
Various projects in vertebrate taphonomy and palaeontology
Various projects in U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology applied for reconstructing sedimentary provenance and dating sedimentary successions
Prof Paul DirksGenesis of the Alice River Gold Mineralisation, far North Queensland
Structural deformation and fluid flow in Mesozoic strata in Porcupine Gorge, Queensland
Various mapping project related to regional deformation and mineralisation in Northern Queensland
Various projects related to taphonomy, geochronology and sedimentology in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa
Dr Karen JoyceSpatial and temporal patterns of water temperature in coral reef environments
The next generation of remote sensing technology for coral reef benthic habitat mapping and monitoring
Rapid assessment techniques for coral reef bathymetric mapping
Developing tools and techniques for coat effective remote water quality monitoring
Multi-scaled analysis of sugar cane health and productivity
A/Prof Zhaoshan ChangGeological characteristics and genesis of a hydrothermal Au, Cu, Zn-Pb, Mo, or W-Sn deposit in Australia or overseas
Advance the understanding and exploration techniques of porphyry, skarn, epithermal, IOCG and W-Sn mineral systems
Metallogenesis of NE Queensland
Metallogenesis of NW Queensland
Magnetite and quartz trace element geochemistry and its application in mineral exploration
Development of the short wavelength infra-red (SWIR) spectral techniques and their application in mineral deposit exploration and research
A/Prof Carl SpandlerExperimental investigation into the role of liquid immiscibility for rare metal mineralization)
Geochemical and Hf isotope record of granitic rocks from Mount Isa district
Geology of the Cape Upstart peninsular, Northern Queensland
Geochronology and geochemistry of titanite from ore deposits of the Mount Isa inlier
Origin and Genesis of Li-Ta mineralized Pegmatites from the Georgetown province, Northern Queensland
Dr Ioan SanislavGeological characteristics of gold mineralization at the giant Nyankanga gold deposit, NW Tanzania
Geological characteristics of gold mineralization at the world class Star and Comet gold deposit, NW Tanzania
An in-depth evaluation of the SWIR technic for lode-gold exploration
The timing and emplacement mechanism of the breccia-pipes along the Cloncurry fault, NE Queensland
The Running River metamorphics – their petrogenesis and geological significance
A/ Prof Carl Spandler, Prof Paul Dirks, Dr Ioan SanislavResearching the magmatic evolution and magma fertility for Cu-Au-REE mineralisation of the Mary Kathleen Domain, Mount Isa Inlier
Prof Paul Dirks, Dr Ioan SanislavStructural Geology/engineering geology/geotechnical engineering, focused on developing a model for the geotechnical behaviour of the ore zone and immediate wall rock at Dugald River Mine, North of Cloncurry, Australia