Why Study Geoscience at JCU?

Why Study Geoscience?

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and travel? Are you interested in understanding more about the Earth we inhabit?  Follow a path of exploration and discovery as you look for solutions to some of the World’s most challenging problems with a career in geoscience.

Our degrees will help you to tackle current and future global issues including mineral, energy and groundwater resources, environmental problems, climate change, seismic and volcanic hazards, landslides and flooding, and study of our palaeontological heritage.

The Earth is a system in which land, life, oceans and atmosphere are connected.  Rocks and sediments yield the clues we need to answer fundamental questions about the origin of life, the source of energy, formation of industrial minerals and materials, climate change, natural hazards, groundwater and the nature and transport of nutrients and contaminants that pass through the crust.

Take advantage of our unsurpassed location for studying geology at the gateway to the Outback and Great Artesian Basin to the west, which preserve Australia’s iconic dinosaur fossil localities, critical ground water resources, and some of the country’s major coal and hard rock mining districts. To the east and along the coast, opportunities for studying marine geology and understanding plate tectonics and climate change are at our doorstep with unmatched access to the Great Barrier Reef.

Through a career in geoscience, you have the power to help understand the processes that link the physical world with the biological world, so that we can model and forecast our future, and work towards solutions. Geoscientists are highly sought-after in the Mining, Resources and Energy industry, which is the highest paying industry sector in Australia.

Careers in geoscience are also found in monitoring and protection of terrestrial and marine environments, natural resource management, construction, disaster detection, and education.  Geoscientist find employment in the minerals and energy industry, engineering and scientific organizations, and government entities.