Marine Biology and Aquaculture

Prepare yourself to understand, protect and manage our marine resources, or to investigate alternative and innovative ways to establish and maintain sustainable fishing and aquaculture industries.

Benefit from our unique topical learning environment with access to research stations, state-of-the-art laboratories and the Great Barrier Reef right on our doorstep. We offer access to a wide variety of tropical marine systems including coral reefs, tropical estuaries, mangrove habitats, and seagrass beds.

Our relationship with industry partners across marine science and aquaculture ensure our research and teaching programs are at the cutting edge of innovation and science, preparing you to jump straight into your career.

Explore the dynamics of the world’s oceans and investigate human impact on marine environments with a degree in the marine sciences, or join one of the world’s fastest growing industries with a degree in aquaculture and fisheries sciences.

“I remember being really amazed that the people I was quoting in journal articles in my assignments were the people who were teaching me… There are world expert people at JCU, why would you learn from anyone else when you can learn from them?”

- Georgia (Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Aquaculture. Graduated 2011)