Why Study Marine Science & Aquaculture at JCU?

Aquaculture @ JCU

JCU is proud to be the only dedicated, industry-focused Aquaculture teaching and research discipline in Australia and New Zealand.

We're recognised as a world leader in both research and teaching of aquaculture, particularly tropical species - which brings students from around the world.

JCU aquaculture has led the development of large and successful commercial aquaculture projects globally, and you can benefit from these.

If you'd like to be part of this fast-growing industry, studying with JCU is a very wise choice.  You could take your place as a leader in an industry that has high economic growth, whilst at the same time can help feed the world.

Marine Biology @ JCU

James Cook University is ranked first in the world as a provider for education in Marine Biology and related disciplines. Our focus is tropical marine biology and sciences. We educated about 500 undergraduate students for 33 countries around the world per year, and 240 Diploma, Masters and PhD students from over 46 countries.

Our graduates have a reputation for scientific rigour and breadth of understanding. This means that they are sought after by research and fisheries institutions, environmental assessment companies, management organisations, and conservation bodies.

Unlike most Universities, at JCU you can start specialising in Marine Biology from the first year of your Bachelors of Science. In your second and third year you have the world’s broadest range of Marine subjects to choose from that allows you to specialise in the aspects of biology you are passionate about. Most subjects have fieldtrips to local or overseas tropical destinations, providing hands-on experience with the biology and issues facing local and international reefs.

All our staff are active researchers, and many are world leaders in their chosen fields. These are your educators. They coordinate the undergraduate subjects, do the face-to-face teaching and supervise the researchers of the future.

JCU, with campuses in Townsville (main), Cairns, Mackay and Singapore, is ideally suited to teaching and researching tropical marine biology. The main Townsville campus is situated on the coast, mid-way along the world’s largest reef, the 2,300 km long Great Barrier Reef. Our Orpheus Island field station is ideally positioned to make the most of both coastal and offshore environments, and is a destination for many of the subject fieldtrips.

Townsville is a global hub for tropical marine science, and provides the base for institutions such as the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the CSIRO (the government research body). Researchers within these institutions often teach and co-supervise research projects within JCU. This provides an even broader range of opportunities to be taught and mentored by potential future employers.