LF Power Memorial Lecture

Associate Professor Leslie Frederick Power (BCom, BSc, PhD) is remembered by his former colleagues and students for his many contributions to James Cook University and for his special interest in student affairs.

A broad interest in physical science led him to a first class honours degree in Chemistry at the University of Queensland in 1962. In the same year he became one of the first academic staff members to be appointed at the University College of Townsville - later to become James Cook University of North Queensland.

He served on the first council of the University and was Dean of the Faculty of Science. At the time of his death he was acting head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Les Power died in an aeroplane crash on 26 May 1977 while returning from a North Queensland Electricity Board meeting at Julia Creek.

The L. F. Power Memorial Lecture is an invited lecture in honour of the memory of Les Power. Below is a list of the past recipients of the award.


No award


The innovation imperative

Professor Ian Chubb

Chief Scientist of Australia


Organic Electronic Materials: A licence to print money

Professor Andrew Holmes

Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne


Art, architecture and engineering at the molecular level

Professor Len Lindoy

School of Chemistry, University of Sydney


Left hand, right hand?

Distinguished Professor F. Richard Keene

School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences, James Cook University


The 21st Century Solar Army

Professor Harry B. Gray

Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry, and Founding Director of the Beckman Institute, California Institute of Technology


Cancer control in the 21st century

Professor Ian Frazer

Director, Diamantina Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine (DI), Brisbane


Virus Killers and Killer T Cells

Professor Peter Doherty AC FAA FRS, Nobel Laureate

University of Melbourne


From alchemy to chemistry – and back again

Professor Edwin Constable

University of Basel, Switzerland


Our Energy Future

Professor Tom J. Meyer

Formerly Research Director at Alamos National Research Laboratory and currently University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, U.S.A


Molecular Machines and Motors

Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Nobel Laureate

Université de Louis Pasteur do Strasbourg, France


The glucose sensor: How unobstrusive can such sensors become?

Professor Allen Hill

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, The University of Oxford, U.K.


A journey through the microcosm with molecular organization man

Professor Daryle Busch

University of Kansas and President of the American Chemical Society, USA


From Matter to Life: Chemistry?!

Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate

Collège de France, Paris and Université de Louis Pasteur do Strasbourg, France


Post-occupancy evaluation – how to make buildings work better

Professor Wolfgand Preiser

School of Architecture, University of Cincinnati, U.S.A


Dilemmas facing today’s researchers

Professor Michael Heyrovsky

Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Federal Australia – A democratic creation

The Right Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen AK GCMG

Former Governor-General of Australia


Exploring the deep frontier

Dr Sylvia Earle

Chief Scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration, U.S.A


The expanding concept of civil liability

Professor Emil Hayek

JuDr of the Bar, Ontario, Canada


Where birds go boom in the night! A history of the 25 year development of one of the foremost nature reserves in Britain

Dr John Wilson

Director, Royal Society for Protection of Birds, UK


In Praise of Sir Joseph Banks

Professor Sir David Smith FRS

Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh, UK


West Winds and Warm Seas - the Mechanism of Flood and Drought

Dr J W Zillman

Director, Bureau of Metereology, Melbourne


Putting Chemistry to Work

Professor Sir Geoffrey Allen

Head of Research, Unilever, UK


The Enigma of Stonehenge

Professor R. L. Martin

Vice-Chancellor, Monash University, Melbourne


Energy Problems in Britain

Sir Sam Edwards

University of Cambridge, U.K.


The Role of Research in the University

Professor G. N. Richards

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, James Cook University


The Foundation of Robinson College, Cambridge

Professor The Lord Sir Jack Lewis FRS

Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Dr Trevor Hatherton

Director, Geophysics Division, DSIR, New Zealand


Chemistry in the Service of Society

Professor Sir Derek Barton, Nobel Laureate

Insitute de Chemie de Substances Naturelles, Gif sure Yvette, France


Safe Disposal of High- Level Nuclear Wastes

Professor A. E. Ringwood

Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University


Impacts on Human Relations of Advances in Science and Technology

Dr J. T. Baker