Physical Sciences Research Projects

Research projects in Physical Sciences are listed below for each discipline. The availability of each project for Undergraduate/Study Abroad (UG/SA), Honours (Hons), Masters (MSc), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) modes of study are shown.


A/Prof Shaun Belward Large scale curriculum design
Learning and teaching strategies for diverse cohorts of first year mathematics students
Learning and teaching strategies for preservice secondary mathematics teachers (PSTs)
Mathematical modelling, embedded in a disciplinary context (by negotiation with cognate disciplines)
A/Prof Yvette Everingham Statistical Modelling and Data Mining Applications
Climate Impacts and Prediction
Statistical Methods for Simulating Agricultural Systems
Data mining for tropical solutions


Prof Peter Junk Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors based on Rare earth Elements
Rare Earth Organometallic Chemistry – an Exciting Emerging Chemistry
Development of the chemistry of rare earth pseudo-Grignard reagents; Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity
Development of new high oxidation state rare earth chemistry with emphasis on CeIV and then extending to the greater challenge of PrIV and TbIV
Preparation of new lanthanoid/ or GroupII/Al bimetallics, e.g. pyrazolato-lanthanoid and -alkaline earth tetramethylaluminates for use in 1,3-diene polymerization
A/Prof Michael Oelgemoeller Eradicate Insect-borne Diseases with Light
Continuous (Micro)flow photochemistry – Lab & Light on a chip
Green Photochemistry – Synthesis of Commodity Chemicals with Sunlight
Medicinal Photochemistry – Synthesis of bioactive compounds with light
Sustainable Aquaculture Water Treatment
Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals in environmental waters
Dr Murray Davies Catalytic Aerial oxidation of alkenes and alkanes by oxo-centred trinuclear transition metal complexes: Selectivity and kinetics studios
Preparation and characterisation of synthetic model complexes of non-heme iron oxidase enzymes and investigation of their catalytic potential
Modelling the Active Sites of Dinuclear Cu and Fe Metalloenzymes using Heterodentate Binucleating Macrocyclic Ligands
Preparation and characterisation of potential single molecule Molecular Magnets
Ligand Induced Oxidative Addition Reactions of Pt(II) Complexes
Dr Mark Robertson Flow synthesis of new anti-parasitic agents to combat neglected tropical disease.
Biodiscovery of natural products from indigenous Australian medicinal flora
Harnessing solar power in organic synthesis
Dr Rosalie Hocking Designing catalysts for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.  Background needed: Chemistry, particularly physical and analytical chemistry
Development of new sensing technologies for nutrients Interdisciplinary project involves a mix of chemistry, instrumentation science and IT. Must have an interest in interdisciplinary research and collaboration.
Novel metal sulphides for reductive transformations. Background needed Chemistry particularly Electrochemistry
Astrobiology and the Evolution of Metalloenzyme like catalysts: Question- Does Mackinawite concentrate Mo?


Prof Peter Ridd Image recognition systems for agricultural and environmental pest control
Sediment transport in the Great Barrier Reef and relative influence of natural and anthropogenic factors
Developing scientific quality assurance systems for science being used for large public policy decisions
Prof Ron White Fundamental scattering and transport processes for plasma medicine
Modelling of electron, hole and excitonic transport processes in organic semi-conductor devices
Electron, positron and ion transport processes in soft-condensed matter for application in medical imaging and therapeutic techniques
Fractional transport processes
NIR spectroscopy for rapid and non-invasive assessments within the primary industries
A/Prof Daniel Kosov Quantum transport in nanoscale molecular systems
Quantum simulation of finFET and gate-all around  <10 nm semiconductor transistors
Quantum smell - inelastic electron transport theory of human olfaction
Nanoscale thermoelectric energy harvesters
Out-of-equilibrium catalysis of chemical reactions by electronic tunnel currents
Dr Sara Brice Inertial sensor use for monitoring elite athlete performance
Biomechanical differences between male and female hammer throwers
Performance enhancement in elite sport