Holtum, Joseph

Prof Joe Holtum

Botanist - Townsville campus

I am a plant ecophysiologist interested in the mechanisms that permit plants to survive when times are tough. I have a particular focus on how the roughly 6% of plant species that exhibit a water-conserving type of photosynthesis known as crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) respond to temperature, water-limitation and to changing concentrations of atmospheric CO2. I study Australian CAM clades, species in Central America (in collaboration with Klaus Winter at STRI, Panama), and most recently, SE Asian and New Guinea groups with collaborators in Singapore, PNG and Oxford. Australian species with CAM include many epiphytic orchids and hoyas, ant-plants, succulents of coastal and inland saline areas, temperate and tropical Calandriniafrom across the continent, and a few fresh-water species.

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