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Postgraduate Options

Pathways leading to coursework and research postgraduate degrees

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Students may transfer between programs with approval of the College Dean.
Exceptional students may be permitted to transfer from the MPhil to the PhD program after completing one year of the MPhil.

* Approval for entry to the research option will be based on the following criteria:

  • Completion of 1 semester of coursework with a GPA 5.5 or higher (6 in Marine Discipline, see grade equivalents), A quota on student numbers for the research option applies and the minimum GPA may be higher if the quota is exceeded.

  • Distinction or greater in subject(s) relevant to project

  • Project identified and supervisor available

** Candidates who have satisfactorily completed required coursework may apply for the GCertResMeth. Note that candidates require 1 year of postgraduate training, which may include relevant work experience, before being eligible for the MPhil.

*** Candidates may apply to the MPhil program after completion of the research option. Approval will be based on the following criteria:

  • GPA 5.5 or higher (see grade equivalents)

  • Average grade of literature review, proposal, and seminar: greater than a Credit

  • Project grade: Distinction or higher

For more information please consult with the Postgraduate Office:

Postgraduate Office

T: (07) 4781 4540 | T:(INT’L) +61 7 4781 4540

F: (07) 4781 5511


Location: Building 28; Room 210; Townsville;