Marine Biology Major

Marine Biology Major

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Major Code


Available in

Master of Science (CW)

Credit point value

36 credit points

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Core Subjects

MB5300:03 Sampling and Experimental Design


MB5323:03 Design and Analyses in Ecological Studies


Select 18 credit points of specified BZ and MB level 5 subjects

BZ5001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science

MB5003:03 Fisheries Science

MB5004:03 Marine Conservation Biology

MB5005:03 Scientific Diving and Diving Physiology

MB5055:03 Biological Oceanography

MB5070:03 Marine Evolution and Biogeography

MB5160:03 Evolution and Ecology of Reef Fishes

MB5190:03 Coral Reef Ecology

MB5260:03 Ecological Dynamics: An Introduction to Modelling

MB5270:03 Wetlands and Estuarine Ecosystems

MB5300:03 Sampling and Experimental Design

MB5310:03 Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management

MB5340:03 Ecological Dynamics: Modelling with Data

MB5350:03 Current Issues in Coral Reef Ecology

MB5370:03 Techniques in Marine and Tropical Biology

MB5380:03 Invertebrate Biology

MB5400:03 Life History and Evolution of Reef Corals

MB5430:03 Behaviour of Marine Animals

MB5450:03 Molecular Approaches to Marine Ecology and Evolution

MB5103:03 Literature Review

MB5104:09 Minor Project and Seminar

MB5102:12 Minor Project, Seminar and Proposal

MB5021:03 Special Topic I


Select 9 credit points of any AQ, BZ, or MB level 5 subjects.


Select 9 credit points of any level 5 AQ, BC, BZ, EV, MI, MB, TO or TV subjects.