Course Structure

Major Structure


SC1101:03 Science: Nature, Knowledge and Understanding

SC1102:03 Modelling Natural Systems

CH1001:03 Chemistry: A Central Science or CH1011:03 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences


Select a major (30 credit points) from Table A


Select one group (9 credit points) of core skills subjects from Table B. These should be from an area of interest other than the major you have already chosen. If you will be doing a double major, these are the pre-requisites that must be selected before you select your second major. You cannot select a core skills group where the subjects already exist in your first major


Select a second major (21 credit points) from Table C or select 9 credit points of level 2 science subjects and 12 credit points of level 3 science subjects


Select 3 credit points of specified subjects from Table D or select 3 credit points of any level 2 or 3 science subjects (pre-requisites apply)