BSc – Chemistry Major

Major Structure


Level 1

CH1002:03 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

Level 2

BC2013:03 Principles of Biochemistry

CH2101:03 Synthesis and Structure in Chemistry

CH2102:03 Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Methods

CH2103:03 Analytical Chemistry

Level 3

CH3101:03 Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism

CH3102:03 Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

CH3103:03 Materials and Process Chemistry

CH3104:03 Advanced Chemistry Project


Select 3 credit points of specified level 1 Science subjects from List 1

List 1

BM1000:03 Introductory Biochemistry and Microbiology

BM1002:03 Anatomy: Principles and Systems

BM1004:03 Anatomy: Structure and Movement

BZ1001:03 Introduction to Biological Processes

BZ1005:03 Introductory Ecology

BZ1006:03 Diversity of Life

BZ1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity

BZ1008:03 Functional Biology

CH1002:03 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

CH1012:03 Molecular Chemistry

CP1200:03 Introduction to Programming 1

CP1500:03 Conceptual Modelling

EV1011:03 Introduction to Sustainability

EV1005:03 Environmental Processes and Global Change

EV1008:03 Human Geography

EV1009:03 Introduction to Planning

EV1011:03 Introduction to Sustainability

MA1000:03 Mathematical Foundations

MA1003:03 Mathematical Techniques

MA1401:03 Statistics and Data Analysis 1

MB1110:03 Introductory Marine Science

PH1001:03 Preparatory Physics

PH1002:03 Astronomy: Evolution of the Universe

PH1005:03 Advanced Stream Physics 1

PH1007:03 Advanced Stream Physics 2

SC1101:03 Science: Nature, Knowledge and Understanding