BA – English Major

Major Structure


Select 18 credit points of specified EL level 2 and 3 subjects

EL2011:03 or EL3011:03 Creative Writing

EL2013:03 or EL3013:03 Reading and Writing the Short Story

EL2016:03 or EL3016:03 Modern Literature

EL2020:03 or EL3020:03 Australian Literature

EL2023:03 or EL3023:03 American Literature

EL2047:03 or EL3047:03 Children's Literature

EL2050:03 or EL3050:03 Postcolonial Narratives: Writing, Place, and Identity

EL2048:03 or EL3048:03 The Romantic Vision

EL2055:03 or EL3055:03 Literature, Print and Society in Comparative Contexts 1920-50

EL2801:03 or EL3801:03 Progress and Anxiety: The Victorian Age

EL2846:03 or EL3846:03 Heroism and Humanism: Shakespeare and the English Renaissance

EL2851:03 or EL3851:03 The Eighteenth Century and the Enlightenment

EL3837:03 Critical Theory