BA – History Major

Major Structure


HI2001:03 or HI3001:03 The History of Global Connections

HI2005:03 or HI3005:03 Environmental History

HI2006:03 or HI3006:03 Australian and Pacific Exploration

HI2191:03 or HI3191:03 Australian History

HI2424:03 or HI3424:03 History of Western Political Systems


Select 3 credit points of specified subjects from List 1

List 1

AR2410:03 or AR3410:03 Archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and the Classical World

PL2294:03 or PL3294:03 Governing Australia: Policy and Practice

PL2250:03 or PL3250:03 Australia and World Politics

EL2055:03 or EL3055:03 Literature, Print and Society in Comparative Contexts 1920-50

HI3284:03 Researching Local History