Course and Subject Handbook 2016 Courses Undergraduate Courses BA –Politics and International Relations Major

BA –Politics and International Relations Major

Major Structure


PL2003:03 or PL3003:03 Democracy and the State

PL2110:03 or PL3110:03 Government and Politics in Developing Areas

PL2153:03 or PL3153:03 International Relations and Foreign Policy

PL2250:03 or PL3250:03 Australia and World Politics

PL2294:03 or PL3294:03 Governing Australia: Policy and Practice


Select 3 credit points of specified level 2 or 3 subjects

HI2424:03 or HI3424: 03 History of Western Political Systems

HI2001:03 or HI3001:03 Asia and the World

AN2106:03 or AN3106:03 Anthropology of Violence

SY2018:03 or SY3018:03 Power and Protest in a Globalising World