BA – Psychology Major

Major Structure


Select 6 credit points of specified PY level 2 subjects from List 1


Select 12 credit points of specified PY level 3 subjects from List 2

List 1

PY2101:03 Brain and Behaviour

PY2103:03 Describing and Analysing Behaviour

PY2104:03 Health Psychology

PY2106:03 Human Development Across the Lifespan

PY2107:03 Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Behaviour

PY2108:03 Evolution of Behaviour

PY2110:03 Forensic Psychology

PY2111:03 Learning and Behaviour

PY2112:03 Memory and Cognition

List 2

PY3101:03 Advanced Behavioural Research Design and Analysis

PY3102:03 Social Psychology

PY3103:03 Psychopathology

PY3104:03 Principles of Counselling

PY3106:03 Theoretical Foundations of Modern Psychology

PY3107:03 Introductory Psychometrics, Assessment and Ethics

PY3108:03 Personality and Individual Psychology

PY3109:03 Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of Mind

PY3111:03 Advanced Health Psychology